Sunset at Canggu beach, Bali

Sunset at Canggu beach, Bali

After the early morning flight to Bali from Singapore and a day of settling in, lunch at a quaint restaurant at Semiyank I settled at the Finn’s Beach Club which was across our villa, I was feeling a little lethargic, to say the least. As I sat down waiting for the sunset, the gloomy wall of clouds that glared back at me did little to inspire me.
Ten minutes later the sky changed to vibrant colors, glossy reflections, a crazy dog, a child and a few surfers had me back on board with the sunset.As I have traveled around the world often chasing a sunset I have noticed a few things. Most people leave as soon as the sun disappears! Crazy right! We all know that the best colors appear 15 minutes after the official sunset. Another thing when you shoot directly into the sun you get them with silhouettes. Sometimes these can turn out to be the ones you cherish for life. When I arrive at a beach I try and envision more than just a shot straight out at the sun above the ocean. Sometimes it easy while other times you have to create something out of nothing.

These are my photos from a mild sunset at Canggu Beach in Bali, Indonesia.

Which Beach did you watch the Sunset from?

Cut a See – Pooja Malpani

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